1Do I need and International Driver License to drive in Chile?
No, It is not necessary to have an International Driver's License to drive in Chile. You can use your license from your home country.
2Can I travel to Argentina in a Rental vehicle?
Yes, you can cross the border to go to Argentina. However, it is necessary to get a special permit and a mandatory insurance to drive in Argentina. We make this paperwork with an additional charge. You must ask by this service at the moment of request the booking. To process the documentation, we require copies of the passports and driver's licenses of each driver and the number of passengers that will be in the vehicle. We must receive this information at leats one week before the start of the rental.
3Can I return the vehicle in Argentina?
Yes, you can pick up and return the vehicle only in Argentina. To know costs of the pickup/return place you must send a Booking Form or send an email to reservas@koyer.cl - cotizaciones@koyer.cl
4What are the minimum conditions for rent a car?
* The renter and drivers must be at least 23 years old. * Renters must have a major credit card with CLP $600.000 (about USD 900) available for guarantee purposes. * The renter must have a valid national/international driver's license and passport.
5With what means can I make the Guarantee?
The guarantee deposit is for $ 600,000 Chilean Pesos and can be left in cash or by credit card. In relation to the credit card, a retention of the amount is made to the credit card during the term of the booking (not a charge). The guarantee deposit is canceled when the rental ends.
6What kind of insurances are included in the booking?
Our vehicles has a standard insurance (mandatory) and consists of: Damage to the vehicle and Damage caused by overturning and damage to third parties within Chile. In the event of an accident, the following deductibles are payable by the customer: For own damages to the vehicle: Up to 30 UF + VAT* For rollover and damage to third parties within Chile: Up to 40 UF + VAT * * Maximum amount to pay in case of an accident; The charge becomes proportional to the damage of the vehicle.
7My credit card covers CDW insurance Can I decline yours?
Our insurance is mandatory and is not possible to deduct it from the value of the rental.
8Can I choose color, model or brand of the vehicle?
No, we confirm vehicle category but not model, brand or color.
9Does the car have any mileage limit?
All our rentals include unlimited mileage.
10How many people can drive the vehicle?
All our rentals in Chile include unlimited drivers. When the vehicle cross the border to Argentina, only 5 drivers per vehicle are allowed.
11Is there a limit hour to pick-up or drop-off the vehicle?
No, the vehicle can be pick-up or drop-off any day of the week and at any time without additional cost. This time must be specified in the lease.